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Chairman Message


Chairman Message

Dear Clients, Thanks to the strong commitment and efforts from all Salva team members, we are pleased to report that Salva has successfully delivered good business results with growth in both revenues and earnings in 2018, despite of uncertain global economic outlooks and weak market sentiment. We will continue to enhance our organizational capability and operational results while at the same time act on our corporate mission to contribute back to the society.

As the Industry grows towards larger Power Systems, Salva is geared up to accept the challenges ahead. At Salva, we believe in strengthening our aspirations and are all set to help accelerate the growth on sustainable basis.

In addition to overall satisfactory financial performances, Salva also achieved significant business progress in developing energy-saving technologies and commercializing new energy-efficient products and solutions. Below summarizes our 2018 business results and prospect for the future.

Our prime aspect is people and their welfare. We work to satisfy our clients, contribute for the welfare of the society and leave no stone unturned to save the environment for a healthy living.

Our motto is to offer a best technology to develop our organization patterns and work conditions. The motive behind this is to see the Company grow and become best leader in times to come.

On behalf of all management team members, we are grateful to all clients and suppliers, for your support to Salva, and to all Salva colleagues for your dedication and endeavor, enabling Salva to outperform competitors and achieve consistent, stable operation performances.

Salva is fully committed to become a respectable world-class enterprise and bring positive and long-lasting impact to the society. We will make every effort possible to achieve this goal in return for your support to Salva.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and entire leadership team at Salva, I extend my humble gratitude towards al our clients for keeping faith and also for supporting us to become a leading firm. Salva Enterprise is a Company with dynamic outlook and we look forward to utilize India’s youth power to reach our ultimate goal of development.

Sincerely yours,


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