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APFC Panel

“ENTEK APFC Panel has been designed and developed by S.S POWER SYSTEMS, a professionally managed an ISO 9001:2000 certified company with an impressive track record.

The Company’s high powered Technical & Management Team includes Engineers with extensive and relative skills in the filed of Research & Development and also observing total quality management (TQM) practices in production engineering & proving effective after – sales service.

The “ENTEK” APFC Panel caters to commercial Industrial and corporate sector for improving Power Factor, which is a statutory requirement of all state power distributor companies in India.

What is power factor?

Working power (KW)

Reactive Power (KVAR) vs Apparent Power (KVA)

“Power factor” involves a relationship Between two types of power: working Power and reactive power. Most loads in Modern electrical distribution systems are Inductive, which means that they require an Electromagnetic filed to operate.Inductive Loads require two kinds of current:

Working Power, performs the actual work of creating heat, light, motion, etc.

Reactive power, which sustains the electromagnetic field. Working power is measured in kilowatts (KW). It does the “WORK” for the system-providing the motion, heat, or whatever else is required. Reactive power, measured in kilovolt-amperes-reactive (KVAR), doesn’t do useful “WORK” .it simply sustains the electromagnetic field. Working power and reactive power together make up Apparent Power. Apparent power is measured in kilovolt-amperes (KVA). The following right “POWER” triangle illustrates the relationship between these three types of power. The square of apparent power equals the square of working power plus the square of reactive power. Finally, Power Factor is the ratio of working power to apparent power, or KW/KVA.

Power Factor =Working Power / Apparent Power


Benefits of Installing “ENTEK” Automatic Power Factor Controller Panels:

  • Reduced Electricity utility Bills.
  • Increased Installation Capacity.
  • Improved Voltage regulation due to reduced line voltage drop.
  • Less heating of cables, transformers, switchgears and other equipments.
  • Reduction in KVA Demand.
  • More Power for the same KVA.
  • Low Pay Back Period.
  • 80 % depreciation on Income Tax as per Energy Conservation Act-2001.

Control module with data logger

  • Measurement of A,V, PF, COS  , W, VAR, VA (  W,  VA,  Var etc.)
  • Sense 1% of load current.
  • Auto/Manual mode selection with indicator light.
  • Automatic calculation of C/k value.
  • Program entry for targeted Cos   value.
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