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Welcome To Power Systems

We introduce ourselves as a professionally managed company engaged in manufacturing and marketing power conditioning products for the last 20 years, and are an established supplier to Government and Corporate companies such as .

As per the latest estimates

Total power generation in India is 1,25,000 MW. However the total demand is expected to be increase upto 2,00,000 MW By 2012, and another 2 times in the next 25 years, i.e., 4,00,000 MW by 2030.

The company has Designed and Developed Innovative products to save Energy in Lighting, Air-Conditioning and Motor Loads, in Hotels and Hospitals, Garments & Jewellery showrooms, Schools and Colleges, Industrial units and corporate offices.

Working principal

The power saver ( MS-27 ) employs an impedance device to reduce power consumption and supply an optimum power. Substantial savings are the result, usually to the tune of

  • # 20-25% in lightings
  • # 10-15% in air conditioning and motors
  • # 15-20% in mixed loads
 APFC Panel

APFC Panel

The “SALVA” APFC Panel caters to commercial Industrial and corporate sector for improving Power Factor, which is a statutory requirement of all state power distributor companies in India.


Improvement in power factor

Reduction in maximum demand

Reduction in power consumption (KWH).

Increase in the life of the equipments (Loads).

80% income tax depreciation

Carbon credit


Dear Clients, Thanks to the strong commitment and efforts from all Salva team members, we are pleased to report that Salva has successfully delivered good business results with growth in both revenues and earnings in 2018, despite of uncertain global economic outlooks and weak market sentiment. We will continue to enhance our organizational capability and operational results while at the same time act on our corporate mission to contribute back to the society.


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